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Terminal Information


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 Port Information

Name:Houston, TX
Location:Houston, TX
Position:29° 21' 55.5156"N -94° 36' 41.439"W

 Terminal Information

Name:Kinder Morgan Pasadena
530 North Witter, Pasadena, TX, 77506
Dock Phone 713-920-8404
Traffic Coordinator
Restrictions & Limitations:
NO stores allowed.
NO barges alongside.
Fresh water is NOT available.
IMPORTANT: This berth is parallel to the ship channel and is exposed to continous passing traffic and subject to "Passing Ship Phenomena" whereby passing ships create suction on vessels moored at the berth.  It is required that all moorings be maintained in tight conditions at all times.  Further, the terminal has these mooring requirements:
1. Mixed Mooring (using lines of different
   materials) is NOT permitted.
2. Wire ropes are highly suggested while not
3. High elasticity ropes are NOT suggested while
4. Eighteen (18) mooring lines are required as
     a. three (3) head lines
     b. three (3) breast lines forward and aft
     c. three (3) spring lines forward and aft
     d. three (3) stem lines
Security Requirements:
- Gatelist required with full names of all
  attending persons, including crewlist, and
  same MUST be provided 24 hours prior
  vessel’s arrival alongside.
- Crew are permitted shore leave access ONLY
  via Seaman’s Center or Pasadena Taxi.
- Crew change must be handled as a single event.
- Crew MUST have picture ID in hand to
  depart/return from/to terminal facilities.
- Terminal must be notified via radio of any
  incoming barges and/or launches for
  any/all deliverys.  Said notification to take
  place prior barge/launch arrival alongside
  vessel.  Failure to comply will result in USCG
USCG PFS Plan Info:
USCG approval date:  unknown
PFS Officer/Phone: Carlos Munguia (713 450 7477)
Website:Kinder Morgan Petcoke (Gulf) Region Webpage

 Terminal Documents

There are no documents attached to this terminal.


Berth NamePositionMax DraftMax LOABeamBCMLast Updated
Pasadena 1 29.734916 -95.20539632.00' 473.00' 76.00'/23.16m N/AThursday, February 06, 2020

 Berth Information

Berth Name:Pasadena 1
Position:29.734916 -95.205396
Berth Telephone:713 920 8451
Berth Contacts:
Traffic Coordinator
Draft:32.00' / 9.75m
LOA:473.00' / 144.17m
Beam:76.00' / 23.16m
Air Draft:162.00' / 49.38m
Manifold Size:2 x 8
Cargo Handled:Refined Petroleum Products
Normal Side Too:Port/Starboard
Ship Handling Notes:Contact Moran Houston Operations for facility fees. Maximum deep draft listed above are project drafts. Contact Moran Houston Operations for actual maximum Deep Draft. HSC Air Drafts Restrictions Power Lines 197’ (Morgan’s Point) Power Lines 197’ (below Fred Hartman Bridge – Baytown) Fred Hartman 175' (Baytown/LaPorte Bridge) Power Lines 197’ (Battleship Texas) Jesse Jones 175' (Beltway 8 Bridge) Power Lines 197’ (Power Plant) Air drafts clearances are based on MHW // Vessels should allow an additional 10 feet clearance for the Power Lines
Access For Stores:No